Social Media Commitments - Linking your Blog to the wider world

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is enjoying their day. I personally am loving a cheeky day off. 

Just a quick note before I go into the topic below - I have just uploaded a new recipe to the Facebook page - Check it out here . The Facebook page hosts a lot of updates so please if you have the time, please give it a cheeky visit. 

I was thinking today about all the extra work that goes into blog ownership when you have already written a blog post. I personally love the wider blogging community so I thought that I would write a little guide for those of you that are starting out or are a little unsure of some of the benefits that they can offer. 

I will only list the ones that I have the experience with as I don't want to preach something that I am not knowledgeable about 

I'll start with the basics - Blogspot. You are here now on my little blogspotting page ;). I like this host because I like looking at all of the stats, where people are around the world. Through looking at stats I can see that I have touched every continent aside from the north and South Pole. This to me is crazy and some of them are places that I'd really like to visit some day.

Pros of Blogspot :

Easy to link to other places
Linked to Google Adsense and Youtube (if you decide thats where you want to go)


Some of the tools can feel a little difficult 
I find when trying to code a layout that I can come across barriers

Next website is Bloglovin. I love Bloglovin as it was my first introduction to the blogging community. I like that I can upload something on here and it will automatically go on there and 
it goes into different categories. 

Pros of Bloglovin:
Links to the wider community 
Discovering other bloggers and sharing of ideas 
support for you when you are starting out 
Linked directly to your smartphone so you can see the follows and saves coming in ;)

Hard to link the blog to Bloglovin first off - It took me a long time to get it updating. I hear that this is a common problem 
I've heard on the internet that Bloglovin is 'stealing' page views - I'm not sure if this is true, but I'm not driven by the views so this doesn't bother me too much 


I felt that Youtube was a really big and scary step, but at the same time I felt that it was a natural extention of the blog. Its a nice way to be more personal to you that read and follow the blog. I am still relatively new to the site (about a month and a half in) but you can check out my latest video below. 

Cons : 
There is a lot of behind the scenes work that also goes into youtube. Therefore it is also quite time consuming. 
Video editing can be quite confusing at first. 
It can be hard to get subscribers, but keep at it. Determination is key 

Next social media:

Facebook - It took me a long time to link this to my blog. I felt that I wasn't ready for my friends and family to see the blog. As soon as I was, this was a website that provided a lot of support! I feel like Facebook is a more personal website. I love my little page and it gets a lot of updates! You can check it out here!

Cons : Facebook try to charge you pretty early on to promote your page. I wouldn't do this, I would wait for word of mouth, because at the end of the day this can be your greatest promotion. 

Twitter - I use my own personal account to promote the blog - I have blogspot and Youtube set up to automatically update. There are bloggers on there doing the old sub for sub and it's good because you can search topics through the hashtags

I feel that if you do the old sub for sub thing that you need to make sure they send you prove. A lot of people on there in particular seem to just want to better their own figures. 
Character restriction on posts - this bugs me as I like to get all my links and topics in there ( I have lots to say)

Instagram - Again I use my own account. There is a nice little blogging community on there. You can use the pictures on there to catch people's eyes.

Cons : The only problem is that in the bio you can have only one link. So if you are like me then you are choking between the Blog and the Youtube channel haha. 

I love tumblr for the Random content, and I feel like there is a massive community. I am just getting into this website so I don't really have a Pro and Cons list at the moment 

So I hope this list may have helped. 

All my Social media links are below - if you have any questions then you know where to find me :)


Becky x 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


Unknown said…
Google+ is a site that I'm going to start focusing on more. I've heard good things about it and want to see for myself if I can reach a good audience there. But I use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest the most.
Unknown said…
Great post! I've been considering starting Youtube but I'm a little nervous about it, especially because I've never made/edited videos before XX

The Fashion Road
Becky Russell said…
Thank you both. I've never really been on pin interest but I hear it's good. And going onto YouTube can be scary but there are lots of useful hints and tips and tutorials to help with editing. X

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