Versatile Blogging award

                                                                    Hi guys,

So I am overjoyed to announce that I have gained another nomination for the Versatile blogging award.

You can see the first nomination here 

As I've said, I love getting nominations for these awards as they are blogger to blogger. 

This time I was nominated by Nicole (thanks :)) - you can check her blog here

The rules for accepting the award are below : 

The rules for this award are below 1. State 7 facts about yourself2. Nominate some bloggers to give the award to

Facts : 
1) My birthday is next week
2) I love making lists and checking stuff off - nice little ego boost
3) Naps are literally the best thing ever
4) My favourite programme of the minute is Stargate Altlantis 
5) My favourite Character is John Shepard 
6) I just ate a bacon sandwich 
7) I'm really bad with money ar the moment so this had led to me writing a new post to try and help others 

I'm not going to nominate any bloggers this time as I did it on the other nomination and it was only a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks guys, :)

Becky x

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