Weddings and the beach.

Hi guys, 

It's been four days since the last time that I posted on the blog. Upon reflection, these days have just disappeared quickly. 

Luke and I took a trip to Hastings, which is right on the South Coast of England, to watch my mother marry her Fiancee. It was a lovely day. I want to do the subject justice so I will be doing a separate post on it later :)

The wedding was on the Friday, so yesterday Luke and I took an adventure down to the beach and to the local park. I thought that I would post some exclusive pictures here. It was a relaxing day, well it was until I had to take the three hour drive home.  

We had a Jessie J concert next to the flat (close enough that we could hear it as clear as if we were there) and this meant that all the roads around the fact were closed. It was fun trying to get home.  

It's so nice to be home though, I think its sometime easy to not appreciate your own home and what you have. We were also greeted by two kittens that actually seemed happy to see us.  Speaking of those two, yesterday was exact a year that we took Boots and Diego home. The time has disappeared. 

Look how tiny they were :

It's also three years to the day that I graduated with my undergrad degree in History from the University of Northampton 

I will writing the wedding post later - I feel like I've almost forgotten how to write a blog post :)

Becky x

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