Weddings and emotions

Hi guys, 

I decided that I wanted to put this experience into a post on its own - so I figured that I should leave it a couple of days so I could reflect. 

I think that its easy to get swept up in the emotions of certain days and events that you don't have time to step back and take it in. 

As you may or may not know, I had the amazing privedge of attedning my mother's wedding last Friday.  My experience of weddings as a whole is quite narrow , sure I have seen plenty on tv, but when it came to preparing for it I realised that I had no idea what to take etc. 

I went in three roles, Bridesmaid, daughter and Photographer. Luke and I gave the gift of photos and videos to the happy couple because we thought that it is an experience that money truly cannot buy - memories. 

On the morning of the wedding, I was surprised with how OCD I became with everything, the dress, my hair, makeup (I practised for a week) and with helping to decorate the church and the reception venue. 

 I had a strong desire for everything to be perfect, because this was a day to celebrate a couple that are truly in love. 

My Mum and her partner have been engaged for two and a half years, but the wedding was organised in two weeks, so there was lots to do. 

Fast forward to the ceremony - I walked in behind my mother (I actually tripped) and I stood by her side and watched her take her vows. Now, I started crying, I'm not a crier.  I've realised that I was crying with happiness. I had watched the couple come together, fall in love, get engaged and now marry. To hear vows and beautiful word exchanged was beautiful. 

I have never been so proud and overbrimming with love. 

Mum if you are reading this - you looked beautiful and I love you very much. 

Thats it for now 

Becky x 

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