Weekly instagram and youtube review


Its Sunday , fun day.

Time for the weekly review.

Starting with instagram!

This first picture is courtesy of Lush and my latest bath bomb that I've tested. It has lovely little love hearts in it - It's called Think Pink 

Next, this a picture that I took while Luke (my boyfriend) and I were on a trip to Willen Lake. This was in a 'bird hide'- A place designed to let you observe birds without scaring or interupting them. 

Next, its a picture of a new hair style that I was trying. Its received a really nice response on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. I make do my first how to video on it. 

Next is a picture of my cat Boots. With the heat, he has developed a new trait of rolling around on the floor or just lying around like this. Little scamp 

Next , I took a picture after I finished my shift on friday - this was to celebrate the start of my week off ;)

Another pre work picture - can't remember why I actually took this - I like my hair in this one 

I took yet another selfie to complain about the heat and not wanting to go to work 

I took this picture to show that my hair actually had some life in. 

Finally, a picture of my two furry lads, just chilling 

Youtube review : 

I only did two videos this week - they seemed to take forever to upload. I got a new camera yesterday so my vlogging game should be upped!

Skin care advise and exfoliator review 

Day in the life vlog 

All aboard for next week, as I'm off all week :)


Becky x


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