Weekly Instagram and Youtube update

Review timeeeeeeeee. 

This last week I've been a little quiet on the blog and youtube. But instagram is a different story.

I'll start with Youtube first though: 

The only video that I recorded was my July Favourites video. I also reviewed my goals from the last month and set some new ones. 

Instagram :

I was celebrating that I was using liquid Liner again.. I also liked the colour of my lips in this picture.

I had a bath last night. Latest Lush bath bomb. I can't remember the name, its a bubble bar thats green with a pink flower on it 

My latest DIY project - a candle from my mothers wedding, a ribbon from the bouquet and part of my mother's wedding dress. 

I took this because I had a hangover.

I literally can't remember why I took this haha 

I used this picture of one of the decorations from my Mother's wedding to advertise my June Favourites video

I collected some bottle caps for my Kitten Diego to play with. He likes to play fetch 

I tried the glitter eyeshadow again. I also liked my hair. Quite a simple picture really 

So thats it for this week. Remember you can follow me on the below: 


Becky x 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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