24 Milestones and things that make me smile (delayed)

Hi guys, 

So I've just finishing editing my Birthday Video, which is uploading as I type. Exciting :)

However as I watched the footage back to discover that I have in fact forgot to write this post. This post was an idea of mine to look back and celebrate how far I've come in my life. 

So here goes :

1) I am a University Graduate - I graduated in 2012 and I am currently still at Uni studying a Masters degree in History 

2 ) I passed my driving test four years ago. Honestly if you knew me at the time, this was a big achievement. I was a nervous wreck. 

3) Four years ago I met the Love of my life. I'm not one to gush, so I'll move quickly on....

4) I moved out of the family home two and a half years ago. I feel like this was a major point in my life as I have learnt some major lessons 

5) Last year, Boots and Diego came into our lives and they've left their furry paw prints on our hearts! 

6) Last year, I managed to find the strength to change jobs after 5 years of being there. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

7) I watched my Mum marry a wonderful man last month. I cried like a baby. I'm not even ashamed to admit it

8) I've travelled to some amazing countries - Dubai, Egypt, Ireland, Canary Islands, Greece, Scotland, Spain, America and so on. 

9) I'm lucky enough to have had some work published. Poetry and Academic. Obvoiusly the blog is a version of publishing, but I guess that its self published haha 

10) I started this blog three months ago and it's given me some self confidence. 

Things that make me smile 

11) My Family 

12) My friends 

13) Disney Movies 

14) I love sitting in front of a roaring fire in the cold weather of Winter 

15) to be fair I LOVE WINTER - the smells, the warmth, Christmas and Halloween. 

16) I love it when people say that I've helped them

17)  I love Baking 

18) I love Gaming 

19) I love reading 

20) I love lighting candles and watch the flames dance up and down the wick 

21) I love a nice warm bath 

22) I'm looking forward and smiling at the thought of owning my own mortgage/ house and sitting in the garden 

23) Animal make me smile.

24) History. I love History 

So thats my list. Heres to the next year that follows.

Thank you for reading this post and every post. It means the world. Let me know what makes you smile and your milestones!

Becky x

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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