Body confidence series :My adventure with Social media hate.

So there has been a couple of moments when I have realised that Luke is the one. 

The first time that he seriously told me he loved me, the time he pulled me out of my depression, the way he deals with my panic attacks and tonight, when he told me that I was beautiful despite what had been said. 

As you know I am a big promoter of body confidence. The belief that you should feel beautiful in your skin, no matter what size, colour or origin. 

However tonight I had a weak moment. Someone on my personal Facebook decided to put an indirect comment about my size. How could I be a beauty blogger if I am 'mordily obese'. 

I suppose firslty I should point out, I'm not morbidly obese or actually obese. I know this as my weight is actually monitored by a doctor. (this is due to some health problems that I have, nothing too major though). But when I read this I felt really sad and ashamed for a minute. Now I know this person in real life and how their mind operates, they are doing it to get a reaction. I haven't given them one. 

Instead I am turning this negative experience into a positive one. 

My size be it size 0 to size 50, does not affect my ability to write about anything. 

My size does not dictate who I am or who you are. 

Reader, I will not lie to you. I have really negative days. I want to rip my skin off sometimes because of the acne I have, the eczema I suffer from. But I am lucky enough to have a partner that loves me no matter what. Someone cannot dictate your self worth! 

I shall say it again that you are beautiful, just the way you are. 

Therefore I am bringing back the body confidence challenge! 

Write three things that you love about yourself! Mine are on one of the links above. 

Second, I am still starting off on the Ab challenge and the Squat challenges that I posted about before. Feel free to join in with me! 

I've always said that success is the greatest revenge. So let beat all those haters together ;)


Becky x 

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I'm glad that you turned this 'negative' experience into a positive one. There will always be people who judge other people without knowing what is really happening with them or in their lifes.
We are all different and this is a good thing.
Btw you have a lovely blog!
xx, Maria
Becky Russell said…
Thank you for the lovely comments. I wish I honestly had the power to make everyone self confident. It's so easy to attack through a keyboard...


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