Dissertation station part two...

Hi guys,

So once again, I'd like to say thank you to all that have offered me support over my last post, if you haven't read it you can here.

I'm fine, it honestly didn't bother me too much. But yes, thanks to everyone on Tumblr, Instagram and here and twitter - you are amazing people. For one bad comment I've got 50 good ones. Give your selfs all a virtual hug and a pat on the back! 

If anyone wants to talk about any of the issues that it raised. You can contact me on here or one of the below links :)

So onto the next topic! 

So as you may or may not know, I am currently towards the end of my Master's degree (I will finish in February.) 

A couple of months ago, I wrote a jokey post about the dissertation process. It actually turned in to one of my most popular, so I thought I would write an update.

The original post is here btw (dissertation station)

I am currently between the Panic and acceptance stage. I am having breakthroughs left right and centre, but I find that I'm still worrying that it isn't good enough. The nightmares have started and I've started stocking on junk food. 

I have managed to get a little routine in place and set myself some goals. Of course there are also little rewards! 

I am currently trying to think of something to buy myself on 1st October (the deadline day) as I am also off on that day. 

I think that my dissertation cave of the undergrad days may come back. You know that cave you make out of pillows, cushions and endless books and so on. In front of the telly, with the abuse of Netflix etc. 

If you need me you know where I'll be! 

I know this hasn't been the longest post, but I hope it makes you chuckle. 

If you are currently stuck into a dissertation or essay, let me know. We can motivate each other! 


Becky x 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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