Half the fun is to plan the plan.... ( Christmas)

Hi guys,

Yes I did just quote Sweeney Todd and yes I just wrote the word Christmas in the title of this blog post. 

Yes I am also very aware that we are still in August at the moment, however Christmas does have the knack of sneaking up every year on you and can make everyone feel extremely unprepared. Even though the date is the same every year. 

As someone who is OCD and likes a cheeky plan, I have just sat down and mapped out everything that I can possibly think that Luke and I will need for Christmas. 

This isn't because I am secretly a little elf. This is simply due to all the money that we seem to spend at Christmas. There are alot of factors to consider as you get older; Travelling, decorations, social engagements, presents, food and so forth that if you don't stagger it out, you soon will be way out of pocket before you know it. 

This last year has been a real learning curve for me when it comes to money, Luke and I are desperate  to move out of our rented flat and into our first mortgaged home, but nothing worth having is easy. 

The method I've used is very simple. There are the following pay days left until Christmas, August, September, October, November and for some December. For each month I've assigned just one present to get, this is manageable and I won't get a nasty bill in November when I panic buy everything at an inflated price. 

Thats my other tip, shop around as soon as the Halloween stuff goes down... everything gets aloft more expensive. 

Food is an easy one to plan, plan your meat and buy in advance. Last year I bought mine in November and froze it . Freezing the Christmas meat I hear you scream? Yes, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but...you have peace of mind knowing that you have the meat and you don't have to get involved in that minute rush buy in the supermarket. 

You know the one.....

I know this post is going to annoy some people, thats fine, just save the post and read it in November ;)

There will no doubt be more Christmas posts nearer the time - I have included my list below 

Let me know if you are looking ahead as well! 



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