Haul post and Review post : Beauty products


So on Saturday, I went for a little shop.

Aside from getting my first two Christmas presents (yes I know) I also picked up a few products that I'm am rather excited about.

But before I get on to the swag, I thought that I would rationalise my Christmas purchases. You can read the method behind my madness in this blog post

The first place that I went to was Superdrug. Now, this is a shop that I don't normally go into anymore, I usually go to it's rival Boots. But in the past couple of months I have seen that I've spent a lot of money on beauty products, but I've noticed that the products are a lot cheaper in Superdrug.

I also approve of Superdrug more as they don't test their own products on animals (which is something that I believe is a very important issue.

I bought the below:

The first two items I bought were some replacement brushes : foundation and powder. They weren't too expensive, around 4 pounds each. They are quite light and I haven't intended them to be a permanent solution. So I will be replacing them soon!

I also picked up three new face masks. The Cucumber cooling clay mask is a repurchase whereas the other two, the chocolate orange and De- stressing mud masks are new choices. I hope that they will be just as good as the others I have tried. I love the fact that the masks are 99p each and they are also on a 3 for 2 deal :)
You can find my face mask review posts here and here
I have also repurchased my favourite all time foundation : dream matte mousse foundation from Maybeline:

There is a review for this item on this Vlog:

The next item I went for was some novelty monkey plasters. The joke behind this is that Luke (my partner) keeps getting injured at basketball and the gym so I buy silly plasters so he is more careful ;). Previous choices have included Peppa pig, spiderman and Mr Men
I also repurchased some rosy lips vaseline in a chapstick form , just as its getting to that time of year when the weather gets colder and lips become cracked :(
I also repurchased the matte precise eyeliner, there is a review for it in the Vlog above. 
My last purchase is a kind of repurchase but not. The Show girl Mascara by Barry M - but this is the extreme length version. I am a massive fan of the one that I have tried so I figured why not :)

I moved on to Lush next and picked up the two items below:

First up is the experimenter : I have been looking forward to trying this product since I first saw it on Youtube. When placed into water all the colours attack the water :). The smell is also incredible!

Second purchase was the Pink Flamingo Bubble wand. I love Lush Bubble wands, my favourite being the Christmas Snow fairy. I love that they are reusable. The smell is amazing and they are so much fun. I can imagine that they are popular with younger children. 

So thats the Haul. Obviously I can't post what I bought for the christmas presents yet.....

Let me know if you have tried any of these products! 



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Unknown said…
Superdrug face-masks have always been a favourite of mine, not only do they work, but they are gentle on my sensitive skin and affordable!

TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!
Ciara said…
Great blog post! Would you like to support each other by doing follow for follow on bloglovin? Just add me and I'll add you back straight away! thebeautygirll.blogspot.co.uk
Becky Russell said…
Thanks guys, I have also just tried a heat mask from super drug. The effects are amazing!
Gabrielle said…
Love Lush, not only are their products amazing and affordable but they are made in eco-friendly ways :)

Gabrielle Isabella
Becky Russell said…
Lush are amazing, I'm loving the fact that they are releasing all the oxford street stuff into the regular stores now x

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