Instagram and youtube weekly review

Hi everybody, 

So it's officially happened. I've come home had to put the heating on. Truly a sign that Summer is leaving us and autumn is arriving. 

I don't mind though, Autmn is my favourite time of year...scarfs, hot chocolate, warm socks and night in watching films :)

Its also the best time of year as we have Halloween, bonfire night and its the countdown to Christmas!

Any ho, moving on. It's been a couple of days since my last post, I've been in a weird head space. Combined with that and work and my dissertation, I've been wanting to relax a lot more and just hide under a warm duvet! 

 After the comment from last week, its made me question a few things in regards to blogging. But I realised that I was being a tad over dramatic. I love blogging and its become a big part of my life. I'm not going to go anymore into it but if you want to know what I am talking about then you can check it out  here

But I'm back and I have some fun post and videos planned for the next couple of weeks :D

Now back to business, its time for the weekly review for Youtube and Instagram. 

I'll start with Youtube, sadly I've not posted anything. But I have a lot of things planned.... Watch this space. For now I will link my recent favourite video - my birthday :) 


I find it a lot easier to update my Instagram, I'm a little addicted. I've started to post little inspirational messages on there and these images also appear on my Twitter and Tumblr as they are automatically linked. A little shameless self promotion - but you can find the links to all these websites below! 

First, my Monday morning face:

On Monday I was told that I had 600 followers, which is crazy in itself but when you factor in that the blog is now only a few followers away from's even better :)

I posted this after the social media attack, no makeup, don't care! 

A picture to thank everyone for their support 

My kitten Boots, is a show off. I'd like to think that he is waving hi to all you readers!

Put this picture with the one above and you'll realise that its awesome to be a cat! 

Shameless selfie number 50000000

I'm a Hobbit and LOTR Nerd so this little drawing amused me :)

Another selfie...

My dedication to the Omen 

Important message...

Throwback to my Graduation....THREE YEARS AGO 

Diego being the adorable little Kitten that he is. He wraps himself around my arm and refuses to let my hand go. 

And finally, I gained 221 followers in a week. Ahhhhhhh

Also an important message! 

So thats it for last week. 

Drop me a message to let me know what you've been up to. If you are one of the new followers, hi!



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