July Review

Hi everybody, 

I'm back after a little birthday break. I am happy to say that I've been recording footage and I've been taking a lot of pictures for the blog, so I will share them at some point :D

Hideaway reached 500 followers last night which was incredible and it is sitting at 6000 views. 

So it's official, my favourite month of the year is over and I am now a year older. 

Therefore I present to you my July review post. My third since the blog began, therefore you can read May's here & June's here

July's Highlights
§ Went from 200 followers to 500, you are beautiful people 
§ went from 4000 views to just over 6000 
§ I got to watch my Mum get married :)
§ celebrated my 24 birthday surrounded by friends and family 
§The blog won the Versatile Blogging award for the second time. You can read the post here

So all in all its been a good month. 

Favourite Product of the month: 

A product that I've loved this month is the Virgin Mojito Body exfoliator from the body shop.  It has bursting beads in it so you can feel it working. The smell is really nice - it's a combo of Mint and Limes. I would highly recommend it at this time of year as its good to maintain you skin as much as possible as it will lead to a lovely tan :)

the product features in the below Video: 

There are also some other favourites of mine in there from the month :)

I'm going to be combining both posts from the blog and Vlogs from Youtube below

Product Reviews: 

July Empties 

I wrote a social media review post - Which social media should I link my blog to?

Instagram & youtube weekly reviews

How tos

Milkmaid braid (my first type of this video! ahhh) 

A guide to Managing money

Quizes / tags: 

Whats in my bedroom tag / 50 thing in my bedroom:

Favourite Vlog: 

A trip to the Zoo :)

Favourite Post: 

Thanks to everyone for reading this month. In a couple of days the blog will be three months old. How exciting. 

Remember to also check out the links below for extra content ;)

As always thank you and love you all very much 


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Carmen Varner said…
happy belated birthday & congrats on 500 followers that's amazing. :]

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