Love / Hate tag!

Hi guys, 

Second post for the night! 

So I'm sitting here watching the Great British Bake off and I've seen that Sarah at Sarah's Story has nominated me to do the Love /hate tag. Guys, please check out Sarah's Blog, she an awesome person (we used to work together haha)!

So for this it would appear that you write about 10 things that you Love and 10 things you hate. 

I Love

1) Animals

Seriously. Sometimes I think they are closer to me than some humans. I cannot stand animal cruelty. If you read the blog a lot, you'll know I have two Kittens -Boots and Diego and I often write about their adventures / mishaps. 

2) The Great British Bake off 

This is a TV show for those of you that aren't sure. Basically a bunch of British people bake cakes and what not for 11 weeks straight. Its the best thing in the would as us Brits have a love affair with cake....

3)  Music

Music is a wonderful thing. Its a wonderful thing to lose yourself in. I put my headphones in at lunch at work and all the stress disappears haha

4) Comedy 

I love people that can make me laugh. It's as simple as that. I also love making other laugh. 

5)  Gaming

Theres nothing better than coming home and losing yourself in a game. I love the stories in them, as I think this is something that has massively improved over the last decade. My favourite games at the moment are the Sims 4/3 and the Witcher

6) History

I have a deep passion for history, I want to make my passion my job. I am currently at University studying for a degree. 

7) My Partner

Luke is awesome and puts up with a lot. Enough said 

8) Blogging

It's opened me up to some new experiences! 

9) My friends

I ma lucky to have friends that I know I can rely on for anything. we may be separated by distance but when we get talking its like no time has past

10 ) Napping

There is nothing better than a nap 

Things I hate :

1) Wasting food 

I literally ate throwing food away, especially when some people have none. 

2) Animal Abuse

We are here to protect them so why abuse them?

3) People who call people stupid 

I don't know why but it really gets under my skin. 

4) Bad smells


5) being too hot

I think that its always better to be cold as you can warm yourself up but if you are too hot then its a lot harder to get colder

6) Dairy

Because it makes me poorly

7) rising prices for the cinema 

Why just why?

8) Blisters

I've currently got one in my mouth and its soon painful 

9) Being itchy 

It's hard to leave alone and if you aren't careful you can scar and or make it worse. 

10 ) Migranes

They are foul and leave you out of action for ages. 

So I therefore Tag anyone that reads this! Remember to link back to this post :)


Becky x

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