Managing your health. It's time to be honest

Hi guys, 

So it's time to be honest. I'm going through a bit of an awkward time at the moment health wise. 

I have always been honest with you all that read the blog about my mental health terms of my Depression and anxiety. (you can read it here) but I've not disclosed another daily battle. 

I suffer from a lack of Sugar and Iron in my blood. This is something that has gotten worse as I've gotten older. I was officially diagnosed last year after many many tests.

I'm lucky enough that these conditions are manageable through a sensible diet and life style. If I don't eat the right things I can get a number of symptoms. Through the Lack of iron, I can get horrible headaches and get very tired. According to my partner I get rather pale as well. 

Through the lack of sugar, I get light headed and I shake, sometimes I'll go clammy. If I don't react to these symptoms, it can get really serious and I can get really poorly. 

For Iron, I have to make sure that I eat meat at least every second day without fail. I've tried Iron rich foods such as nuts and Spinach and Quorn, but at the end of the day, only Red meats affect me as much as I need.  This used to upset me because in an ideal world, I'd be a vegetarian as I'm an animal nerd deep down. But I can't help how my body is built. 

 With  Sugar I make sure that I eat three meals a day and that they are healthy. My main battle is forcing myself to eat breakfast. I never seem to be hungry enough in the morning.  I also keep an emergency chocolate bar in my bag and in the fridge at all times. Just in case. 

What is the point in this post I hear you ask. I wanted to write it to say that, if you find yourself in a position in which you've been told that you have to change your lifestyle or diet for health reasons, its not the end of the world. 

All you need is a plan and determination and dedication to stick to your diet or medication or whatever it is to needed to cope. 

Hearing at 23, that this would affect me my whole life was scary. But, breaking the problem down and coming up with a manageable plan made it feel like a bit of a dodgy foot rather than something life threatening. 

Anything in life is manageable if you just stop for a second and breathe. 

Thanks for reading. 

Let me know if you have gone through something similar. 

Becky x 

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Unknown said…
It is incredibly hard to have to change diet for health reasons. My husband suffers from severe IBS and we've had to drastically change our diet for his health's sake. But in the end, we are much healthier and happier and he can live an enjoyable life, so totally worth it! Good job to you for being determined!!! XO -Kim
Becky Russell said…
Thank you! Some days are easier than others to stay on the right track x

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