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Hi guys, 

So as you may have read in a previous Blog, I am currently on a 'money diet', Luke and I are saving for a mortgage. You can read more about that and my saving tips here

Therefore there may be a lack in the frequency of expensive Haul blogs. However a girl has a makeup bag to maintain, so I will be looking for the best deals out there. 

(I'm having to be careful with this blog as I have been gifted a a lot of beauty items for my birthday so I didn't want to mix them up. Therefore they will feature in a different post coming very very soon :) )

I'll start in Boots, which is a Makeup/ drug store. 

The first thing that I picked up was some 'eye makeup remover gel' from Boot's own essential range. This is made out of cucumber and is designed for sensitive skin. I am actually trying this product for the first time as I am looking for something to replace the face wipes that I seem to be accustomed to. The gel smells really fresh. So we will see if it works. I'll have to add it to my skin care routine, which you can read up on here . This bottle of gel was £1.50 

I then went over to the Barry M section of the store and picked up two Makeup / Eyeshadow palettes. Mine have ran out so I went for two different ones. Firstly a Natural glow palette, which I will use for work, and a Smoking hot palette for the times that I'm not at work. All Barry M palettes are currently 2 for 10 pound so it's worth having a look at as they are normally £6.50 each. 


You can see the opened up palettes below.  The Natural one comes with primer and the Smokin' hot comes with a really red blush. (You can click to make it larger :))

I then went to the Body shop. I was entitled to a birthday gift as I am a member of their Loyality card scheme. I picked up the Aloe Protective Restoring Mask. This normally retails at £14 but the Loyality car and gift took it down to £8! This is designed once again for sensitive skin. I'm not a user of face mask normally so I figured that at this price, I would certainly give it a go! I hear that Aloe is rather good for the skin so I will report back and let you all know! 

I then picked up a few other items while I was in my local supermarket. 

Firstly I repurchased my old faithful cleanser by Clean and Clear. I love this one as its designed to be kind to the skin and it doesn't feel like its going to burn my skin off when I use it. Always a plus when picking a beauty item. Again you can read more in the above link to my Skin care routine. This was on deal so retailed at a couple of pounds 

I then picked up a Collection Cover up stick. This one is 01 or Light Translucent. It's shaped like a lipstick on the inside. I rarely use cover up but my acne is getting a little worse due to the weather so I furred for £2.99 I would give it a try! 

I also picked up the Ultimate Bronze Glow in 1 Sunkissed. I had previously tried the Moziac bronzer from them and it ran out a little too quickly for my liking so I figured the bigger the better. IT had a bit of sparkle to it and a little sun design on the inside 


Finally, I picked up a Pencil eyeliner in Kohl from the Collection range. I go through phases with my liner, one day I'll want Liquid and other day's I will want to use Pencil. This was only £2

So thats it's for now. Let me know below if you are using any of these product & what you think about them or let me know what you are using in general. 


Becky x

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