My good deed for the day : Helping Nature and the Buzzing bees!

Hi guys, 

So if you read the blog a fair bit then you will know that I am a massive animal lover. Actually, not just animals, just nature in general. 

So this morning when Luke and I went for a walk we encountered several lovely scenes, we walked along the Canal, which is right outside my house. We saw the Ducks and watched the swans return with their Signets.  (pictures are on my Instagram page ( link is below))

However on the way back, we saw a Queen bee lying in the middle of the road outside our flat. Before anyone panics its a quiet street road. The bee was just stunned of in need of Sugar. 

Bees are becoming endangered in the UK so I had previously read an article by the RSCPA on how to help them. We got the Bee out of the way by helping her to climb on a reciept that I had in my bag and put her in a Lavender bush. We then ran upstairs to get her some sugar water. 

I literally mixed a little bit of sugar in with some water. We took it to the bush and it seems as though our little friend had found the energy to fly away. We left the water there and put some over the bush. 

I know that this sounds like a bit of effort for a small bug but we think she was a Queen, so by helping her we may have helped her to create other little bees :)

Every small action can help the environment. Without Bees, Flowers will suffer and not get pollenated etc. 

So if there is a message to take away from this, it's that you need to help your friendly neighbour bees and don't swat them! They won't sting unless they have to!

Let me know what you've been up to below! 



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Erin said…
Aw, this is so nice, good for you! It makes me so sad when I'm out for a walk and see bees dead on the sidewalks and roads. Our world just isn't good for animals :( So, anything, whether helping the little guys out, or planting an entire garden is good in my books!

Becky Russell said…
Thank you lovely :), I do whatever I can when can. As soon as I get into my first owned house I'll be planting a massive garden :) x

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