Nails that sparkle and glitter

Good evening everybodyyyyy,

So as I write this, the blog literally has just hit 7000 views. In three months this is crazyyyyy, sometimes I do have to pinch myself. 

I decided that to celebrate, I'd do my first beauty post in just over a week. 

For some reason as I said in the previous post, my life is inspiring me to write more on the lifestyle side. 

In terms of beauty regimes that I stick to daily ( more info here) and weekly, there is one that I never let slip. My weekly nail painting. 

I think this goes back to the fact that for five and a bit years, I had a job in which you couldn't paint your nails (I worked with food) - more on that here

I'd recently seen a few Celebs rocking this one glittery nail trend and by pure coincidence, I was bought some nail polish for my birthday so I thought that I would try it. 

Both Colours pictured are Maybeline (colour fast range).

I've actually had a lot of people compliment my nails in the last two weeks that I've rocked this. But I'm not sure that I would do it every week aha. 

Whilst we are talking about the brand, this nail polish is very strong and long lasting. I highly recommend it! 

Let me know what you think of this little trend!



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Soph said…
Oooo very pretty! Love the colour xxx

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