Sunday vibes / the cats favourite day

There is something lovely about Sundays, and I think that the cats have picked up on it. 

They know that its the time of the week that we slow down, watch some telly and look forward to the week ahead. 

I started the day by innocently sitting on the sofa, rubbing Diego's belly. He always wraps himself around my arm and hand, he always did when was tiny.

40 minutes later and he was refusing to let me go. Claws right in everytime I tried to move. I suppose that I shouldn't complain as cats can be very independent and ignore your existence until meal time. 

Sundays are also good for planning the week ahead, it's good to have a little plan and make a little list. I am a lover of lists, I love ticking little things off (it's a little achievement)

It's also good to look back at your achievements and celebrate them! 

So lets all watch some telly and have a drink and relax! 

We all earned it! 

Let me know what you got up to this week...


Becky x 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


Roberta Romeo said…
Diego is so cute!! *-*
I love doing list on Sunday!!

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