There's a beauty mask for everything these days

Hi guys, 

So I'm breaking the mould a little, normally at this point on a Sunday, I would be looking into writing my Instagram and Youtube review post. But I decided that after this weeks events, that I will be doing that tomorrow. Literally I think that I have a plan for posts but then life gets in the way. Naughty life, or should I say unpredictable life aha. 

Firstly, in reference to my post from earlier today, I got a shoutout on twitter from the RSPCA. As I am the biggest animal nerd, I did a little jump for joy. Since I started this blog, I have been lucky enjoy to have had various companies reach out to me, but for me this was the coolest one so far ( and I am including my Football team Derby county in that)  I should probably also mention that the link for my twitter is at the bottom of this page (shameless self promoting I know....) 

If you wish to read the aforementioned blog post you can do so on this here link

Right so on to tonight, it was a bit of a milestone for me, it was the first time that I have used a face mask in about a decade. I kid you not. 10 years. I have always been wary with anything that goes on my face. I have been known to have some horrible reactions in the past to various products. However I was gifted the face mask below for my birthday so I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.  


As you can see, it is for sensitive skin. I opened the packet, after studying the ingredients and the instructions, like a million times and started to apply. I should probably point out that to prepare my face, I prewashed with soap and used my Favourite Weekly Vitamin C Spa exfoliator from the body shop  first. 
I then applied the green mixture as the instructions said, with my finger tips in a circular motion, I also made a very careful note of the time that I started as I started to feel the clay harden also straight away. 

After 15 mins, I washed off with warm water and my face immediately felt softer and smoother. I was very impressed. There was no mess and no fuss. I understand that Superdrug normally only charge a couple of pound for these, nice and cheap. I also noticed on the back that they also don't test on animals - which to me is a big bonus. 

I will definitely be repurchasing :)

I also took to opportunity to treat my hair with a hair mask ( I do this religiously very week). This time I am using the below - The Keratine Smooth mask from Tresemme. I love this range that they do as I can always feel the difference in my hair. What's great is that it normally takes me a fair while to ge through the tub, I normally get 5 times out of if, if not more. So in my opinion it is well worth the money. I always spend a little extra on my skin and my hair - as they are both something that you use everyday! 

So there are two cheeky product reviews for you!

Let me know what you are using below 

Becky x

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