Third Anniversary Vlog / Bad Education Review

Hi all! 

So two things to tackle in this blog post. Firstly is my latest film review for the Bad Edcuation Movie and second is my latest Vlog!

Firstly, I went to go and see the Bad Education Movie on Monday. I am a massive fan of the TV series that was on BBC Three so I was hoping that it would not disappoint. 

The film has the same sort of humor to the series throughout, the crude school boy sort. One that was made famous on the big screen by the Inbetweeners and to be fair the comparison between the two has damaged everyones view of Bad Education. 

I enjoyed the film nonetheless. The idea of the film being that Jack Whitehall's Alfie Wickers takes his class on one last blow out before they get their GCSE results. But the plot of the film turns into so much more than that. Without ruining the ending, they find themselves in the middle of a revolution! 

If you fancy a little chuckle, the film is well worth the ticket price. There are a lot of cheeky references to other films, for example Alfie kidnaps an Anne Frank doll and turns it into an ET reference!

I'd give it a 6/10 


I have just posted a new Vlog, its a short anniversary video featuring some footage from my trip to Hastings!

I hope you enjoy this little review and the Vlog. 

Let me know what you think!


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