Three months into blogging. A thank you to you the reader.

Hi guys,

So I sat here ready to film a video about being three months into blogging. About how I can't remember where the time has gone. 

Where as that is true. I want to go down a  different route. 

I make a point of saying thank you. Thank you to those supporting me, thank you to those of you reading, thank you to you commenting and saving. 

I never would have thought, that I would write something and it would go all over the globe. No my blog isn't viral, but if any of it has helped you, or made you smile or even cringe, I am glad. I started this blog with the intention of making people laugh. I never thought it could help anyone. The feedback over my depression and health posts has been overwhelming (you can find the links to the main ones at the side).

To see that the blog is popular in the USA, UK, Russia and Places around Europe is crazyyyyy. 

To be able to do reviews and have people read them is awesome. 

To be able to share things to the world, such as my birthday and family events is amazing. 

I don't want to be famous or a showstopper, but you are allowing me to become confident in who I am. 

I used to have zero confidence and be ashamed of myself. But this has been a massive ego boost. 

So thank you again to everyone thats read this. In a month I went from 250 subs to 650. To the new 400 of you, hi, how are you?

Heres to the next 1/4 of a year! 

I feel a little emotional. But for all the right reasons. 

Becky x

(please feel free to contact me on the below - I am as always open to collaborations and  product reviews) 

Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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