Weekly Instagram and Youtube update

Hi everyone,

I hope that Monday has been kind to you all! 

Mine has been a little heavy, I had me first day back at work after five days away and I have started to  do some heavy research for my dissertation. Hence my one post tonight and probably for the rest of the week. 

Last week was birthday week!

Below is my weekly review for Insta and Youtube. Enjoy! 

Let me know the highlights of your week in the comments! 



Snapchat : Beckydoodah


Daily skin routine 

As I turn 24 


We went for a walk along the canal and saw some lovely signets!

Trying out some new Maybeline Nail polish. Review coming soon! 

Random selifes, showing off various makeup styles and hairstyles!

New header for a lot of the pages associated with the blog, trying it out as I make use it as a template on here! 

I had a cheeky Nandos!

First birthday card 

My smug "Ionly have to work two days this week' face 

My random cat injury hand 

The day I took Birthday doughnuts into work! 


Emmajane. said…
Love a bit of Lush, such ethical and good quality brand! X

Portugal beach days over on-
Becky Russell said…
I love lush and the body shop. Like you said everything is natural and not tested on animals. I literally spend all my money in there :') x

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