Another milestone reached!

Hi all, 

So today, the blog hit 800 followers.


I have decided that at 1000 I will have a giveaway of the beauty variety. I will write more on this when I decide what the prize will be ;) 

As always, I am incredibly grateful to everyone that reads the blog and those that follow it. Be you a new follower or someone that has been there from the start. I am very grateful for you! 

I hope in the coming months that I can expand the blog a little more and that I can finally work on a custom logo and blog design. Something to make it feel a little more me than it already does. If anyone reading this knows a good designer then feel free to hit me up. 

I am working on a couple of collabs at the moment but I am always open to more either involving this blog or the youtube channel, so feel free to drop me a message. 

Until the next post....Thank you guys 



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