August Review

Hi guys, 

So as I said before, I am a little delayed in this post. 

August was a month that disappeared very very quickly, it always seems to though. It has made me realise that in fact I need to spend more time with those that mean the world to me. I think that I have sort of isolated my myself for some unknown reason. Time to change :) 

August Highlights:

± Reaching 750 followers 
± reaching 8000 views
± Winning the Versatile blogging award for a third time 
± seeing a lot more of friends and family 
±  re enrolling for Uni to finish my Masters degree 

Favourite product of the month

Without a doubt it is the humble face mask. Now when I first started reviewing the ones that I have recently tried,  I admitted that it had been a decade since I first tried them. I used to think that they were messy for little pay off. 

My gosh how I was wrong. I have been totally converted. My father and his partner bought me three face masks for my birthday and I haven't looked back since. The ones that I have been trialing are from super drug and what I love about them is how cheap they are. They are 99p or 3 for 2. I also love that they are in fact not tested on animals. In an ideal world my bathroom would be filled with animal cruelty free products. 

A section of my reviews are below : 

Reviews : 

Other reviews from the month : 


Youtube videos 

Truck Pull 

Birthday celebration 

Three month anniversary celebration : 

Quizes / tags 

And finally favourite posts:

Firstly - I encountered my first bit of hate on social media and that led to this post

Second - I have already started and purchasing Christmas presents. I love to be organised. See the method behind my madness here

Time to roll on September! 

Let me know what's caught your eye if there are any future posts that you would like to see! 

Until next time

Becky x 

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