Growing up part two (recipes and reviews included)

Hi all, 

So following on from my earlier theme of growing up ( which you can find here ) , I tackled a big first in my life : cooking Sunday Lunch by myself. 

Why is this a big thing, I hear you ask. Well as a Brit, we hold our Sunday roasts quite dear in our hearts. Luke and I decided last Christmas that Christmas 2015 would be my time to shine, so basically I needed to get some practice. 

We came up with a little idea that I should practise by cooking Sunday lunch every week, which in theory is a good idea, but when you are standing in front of a bunch of ingredients its quite intimidating.  You can put any other food type in front of me ... Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian , deserts etc but this one scared me. But I was up for the challenge as we don't have many couple traditions and if we have a family in the future its nice to have some. 

I started today with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, Carrot and broccoli,Roast Potatoes and of course Gravy.  Every thing was made from scratch.

I have included pictures for your viewing pleasure. I am happy to say that it was a RESOUNDING success, Luke demolished it in about five minutes flat. He said it reminded him of nice times he spend with family which made me slightly emotional. Its weird how food can make people feel. 

I'd like to give Pinterest a shout out for the recipes (the link is below so you can see which ones I've pinned) .

How did I celebrate, I hear you ask. Why with a face mask - the distressing mask from Superdrug. Its worked wonders on my face, its now nice and soft and it smells amazing. It's work a check out. 


So thats it for today. 

Let me know what you are up to... what grown up challenges you are facing 



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Oh wow the food looks delicious

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves
Becky Russell said…
Thanks, it wasn't bad for a first attempt x
czmn1x5gbp said…
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