Movie review : The Visit

Hi all, 

So it is time for another movie review. 

Luke and I went to see Comedy - Horror film , the visit.

This was a film that I had wanted to see for a while as I feel like it has been advertised for the longest time. The film's premise is that two teenagers go to visit their Grandparents that they had never met due to a family rift with the kid's mum. 

Simple enough, what they don't count on is the fact that Gran and Grandad are .... a little odd when the sun goes down. 

I don't want to spoil the film as there are twists and turns throughout, but I will say this... the actors are superb. Especially the kids. Horror movies can fall into the trap of casting actors that let the film down or are over dramatic (If you've ever seen a slasher movie you know what I mean). 

The film kept us chuckling through the day but during the night, the film does a fantastic job of keeping you on your toes. I think that the scariest part of the story is that the grandparents are just people, they aren't under the influence of anything supernatural...they are simply as the mum puts it....odd and old. 

All in all, a great film. When the main twist comes, you'll be thinking of your own Grandparents. I'm sorry Gran and Grandad, but if you reading this and you need your oven cleaned, I'm not climbing in there for you. I still love you though. 

The film in my opinion is a solid 7/10 

Shania Twain Bitches! 

Becky x 

(if you've seen the film, I can imagine you are chuckling at the above statement) 

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