My Lovely little MacMillan Cupcakes (recipe included)

Hi all, 

Just thought that I would post a little update this evening. I've got back to complete my final masters module so I'm rather tired haha. 

But as I promised at the weekend here is the product of my baking Thursday night. I made little cupcakes for our Macmillan Cofee morning at work. 

Basically the idea was that people bought cake and other goodies and people paid for a plate of food at the buffet and the proceeds went to Macmillan. They are a charity that provides nurses to those that are terminally ill with Cancer. They are not government funded so they rely on donations. These nurses are amazing and they have helped a lot of members of my family. 

Here is my contribution : 

The recipe is on this Link - BBC recipes

The Icing however does not follow the above. It is premade Halloween Icing for the base. The Yellow Sugar Crystals are from Asda and the M is Homemade icing. (simple mix of water and icing sugar)

Let me know if you follow the recipe! 



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