When you catch the bug for something.... (Recipes and blog announcement )

Hello all, 

So again, another deviation from the plan, but I need to interrupt to update with this life event. 

Not so much an event but a little look what I can make moment. 

So as you know, I am getting into cooking on a major level.  Today's efforts took this to another plain.  

I made sweet and sour crispy chicken. 

To do this I made my own batter for the chicken, which I was dreading making but it actually worked really well.  All it took was one egg, 25g of flour and salt. 

I then added 3 carrots, two peppers, noodles and sauce. 

Again another pinterest inspiration. Feel free to see what I've been pinning, the link is below. 

Tomorrow I shall be working on an exciting new sponsored post ;)

But more on that later

Becky x

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