900 and Maybeline Baby Lips review

Hello lovely people. 

So the last couple of days have been memorable for their own reasons.

On Monday my beloved KA broke down. He suffered another flat battery. I ended up walking 6 and a half miles to get the cables to fix him. Lucky for me, it worked and he is now alive again. My legs still hurt from the walk... I'll recover though. The fact that I was walking in tights has not helped in the slightest. The sides of the material have ribbed the inside of my legs. Anyone who has suffered this knows how painful this is! 

 I'm still in training for my 10K run in March so all exercise is progress. Don't forget that you can sponsor me on just giving for the run, I'll link it below. 

I also received notification that my Guest post on a fitness website called Zest lifestyle is scheduled to be published shortly. I'll write more about that shortly. 

On Tuesday, I restarted my strength training so I've restarted Squats and Situps. This just added to the overall ache this morning. It's worth it though as I can feel everything starting to work on my body. I also started work on my collaboration blog on Halloween food, more on that later.....

So yesterday marked a little event in the world of Hideaway! I reached 900 subscribers on Blog lovin. I can't believe how crazy that sounds out loud. I love how this has happened just before the blog's sixth month anniversary!! This blog is also due to hit 10,000 views extremely soon

Don't forget the competition that I am running for 1000 subs. Just follow me on some of the blog's social media sites to be in it to win it!

So I thought that I would end the post with a beauty review.

I recently decided to try Maybeline's Baby lips tinted lip balm. 

I love the colours on the product and the way it looks in general. Lovely little eye-catching item!

The shade I chose is Pink Punch. I picked it up as I fancied a little colour rather than just a shiny effect. 

I haven't been disappointed so far. Its a nice little way to maintain the condition of the lips whilst giving them a bit of a boost in colour

Nice little makeup selfie - I think the effect speaks for itself!

The product isn't too expensive ( a couple of pounds).... Lets face it chapped lips suck and every girl loves a little colour to show off! 

Its defintely worth a pick up.... my only advise is only to apply it once. Once the feeling wears off your lips, the colour is very much there so before you know it your lips are extremely pink! 

So be carefullllll! 

Look out tomorrow for my Halloween food post and vlogs!

Let me know what you think of the product and if you have used it! 


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