A few Autumn Touches.....

Hi all, 

So it's officially Autumn! 

Therefore I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite pieces from around my flat and favourite things to wear at the moment. 

Autumn is my favourite season, it is still mild enough to go with out a coat, but in the evening you often find yourself tucked up under a blanket on the sofa. Its the season that brings Halloween and scary movie marathons. It brings Bonfire night and the sky coming to life with bright colours and patterns. 

Its the time that home becomes a little Hideaway and ultra cozy (157 posts and I FINALLY got the blog name into a post ;) )

Its the nice reminder that Christmas is coming along with the end of the year. 

Now that my little ode to Autumn is over, I shall carry on with the rest of the post haha 

DISCLAIMER : I think that my love of Candles is going to be an extremely prominent feature. I'll literally burn anything once. 

My first picture is of my pocket watch style necklace, I always seem to bring it out at this time of year. Its works fully. As you can see it sits on a white beaded necklace and has a little filigree design on it to.  I got this from new look a few years ago. I like Vintage designs like this as I think it appeals to the Historian inside of me! 

Next is my New Look Owl scarf. This has featured on a lot of my recent Instagram Posts . I love the quirky design of it. I love that its covered in little geeky Owls :P, I often match when I wear my own glasses 

It's made of an easy washing material and its still really soft and warm. 

Moving on the the Home ware.....

As it's Halloween I thought that I would break out little Casper. Casper is my very friendly ghost that lights up. I bought him two years ago when Luke and I were getting excited for our first Halloween living together :). I got him from Tescos for a couple of pounds. I think they release them every year. 

Also featured in the picture is my White Yankee Candle Wax burner. I love this little gadget. It was bought for me a couple of years ago for my Birthday. 

Currently burning is my go to Autumn scent of Mulled wine and spices. That being said I am also a massive fan of Sugar cookie from Yankee Candle also this time of year. You can find out the method that I used to make the Wax burners on this blog post here . Luke walked in and said how great the flat smelt. I find that Wax melts retain their smell a lot long than candles. Recycling old candles really is a cheap way of keeping a candle for longer. As a wax melt will last you for a very long time if you keep it in good condition :)

Next Halloween decoration is my Spooky Lantern. Again this is another Tescos purchase. It is made of metal and it has a little screw out bottom to keep replacing tea lights it in. As you can see there are little Bats and spooky faces dotted around it. At night you can see it a mile off. 

Another candle burning device holder - my little heart candle holder that has featured on another blog post more recently. I do love it as it makes the room feel more cozy.  For a two pound purchase it really is beautiful. I've put it in front of the telly so I can alway look at it. 

Another candle (as you should be able to tell by now I LOVE CANDLES). This one is from the Body Shop and it smells of Jasmine.  It's really relaxing when it's burning gently away. I'd recommend this one quite highly because I've burnt it about eight times and its still going strong. 

Next is this nifty little device. My mother bought me this for my Birthday. Its a purple Glass Candle Holder. Its designed to be able to hold a lot of different sizes of Candles. The ones in the picture are large taillight candles (about three times the size of the average ones). Purple is the theme of my living room (well Purple white and Black) so it fits in really nicely :)

Finally....Flowers..... I love this time of year for Flowers. Its the time of bright colours merging with the darker colours of Autumn and Winter. I think the single red flower is my favourite in this bunch. The little Bouncing Butterfly came with another bouquet and it amuses my Cat Diego when he knocks it with his tail. I think that there is something lovely about having flowers in the flat. I have two other plants but the flowers really brighten the place up 

So there are a few of my favourites. Let me know what your autumn favourites are. I will be doing an Autumn beauty post shortly - I didn't want to write a ridiculously long blog post! 


Becky x 

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Doctor Anne said…
I love burning candles too, especially in the darker months. It is so relaxing!

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking
Life by Becky said…
Oh my gosh the Caspar ghost is so cute I need it lol! X
Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky
Becky Russell said…

I'm pretty sure that the ghost will be on sale again in Tescos (if you are in the UK :) )

and I must have about four candles going at the moment haha

Becky x

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