A fitness update....

Hi guys, 

So as I've mentioned on the blog briefly, I am currently on the fitness hype. 

I am running a 10km (7 miles) obstacle course in March 2016. I am running on behalf of Macmillian Cancer support. They provide people that are diagnosed with cancer, the support that they need. They provide Nurses to help people get through their treatment and also help their families. I can't big this charity up enough, they have a special place in my heart.

My just giving page is here for you to check out and maybe possibly donate to. 

You can also find some more information about the Suffering here

I thought that I would take this opportunity to share a few tips that I have picked up over the past month. Please bear in mind that before this last month, I haven't really been that active so I am in by no means an expert. 

I am however incredibly honest haha. 

Firstly, walking is underrated.  I have been trying to fit as much walking into my schedule as much as possible. For example I now walk 4 miles to work, three days a week. I have also slowly got back into running. On Thursday, I went for a 7 mile walk and run. The best part is  that I felt like I could keep on going.  What I am finding the main challenge is fitting everything into my week. Training, full time work and University. I do know that the pay off will be worth it though. 

I think that walking itself is brilliant for cardio. Everything already is feeling firmer. 

A neat little way that I keep track of my  progress is by using the Health app that is built into my IPhone. I mainly use the stepometer  

 My next tip is how to keep on top of what you are eating. Now, I'm not on a crazy diet. In fact I'm just trying to make sure that what I am eating is moderate and not too unhealthy. 

There is another app that I use that is My Fitness Pal. 

It tracks whats in your food and it also communicates with the Health app above. It will help you set a goal, which can be to lost half a pound a week, a whole pound or a pound and a half. It will set you a calorie goal. You can tweak it to try and cut out certain food groups such as Carbs. 

You just need the dedication to keep updating it. Its a nifty little app, but you really only get out what you put in.  It's good to use, just to gain an idea of what you're eating.

 Third is quite simple. Make sure that you have some comfy gear. I pulled on my converse, Jack Wills Hoody, La Gear sports bra and leggings. I have never felt so comfy :) 

It's worth investing. I used to feel swampy my tracksuits (I'm rather short so I felt that I was always tripping over my feet)

I do have proper running shoes - I just wore my converse as I was just walking 

Final tip - this is the biggest one, is not to care about what other people think. I used to be really paranoid that people were staring when I ran. Now, I really don't care. You see a lot of people running and doing exactly the same thing. Its just an hour of working out and then you can go home to the safety of your little Hideaway and relax the rest of the time! 

Thats all my tips for now - so far the process I have seen is my clothes fitting a little better. I'm trying to avoid the scales. I know that at the start you gain muscle weight so it can depress you a little. 

As I see some more progress , I shall update the blog and my other social media! Keep an eye out ;)

Let me know if you are picking up any charity work or are on the fitness hype! 

Becky x 

    Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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