Five Months into blogging / Mini Lush Haul and some Announcements!

Hello all of you lovely people....

So the ninth of the month marked my fifth month of blogging over. Cray 

 (I interrupt this post to include this cute little bouquet.... because why not....) 

It's been quite an interesting month as the requests are coming flooding through. However I would just like to state that for every 10 requests I get I only select the one. I want to make sure that I stay real to this blog and real to you all as the readers. 

I promised myself that I would only go for affordable product and events that would be for the blog rather than my own personal desires. IE I got an offer to go and promote a slimming product that basically was a crash diet and when I looked into it it was extremely unhealthy. I should point out that I am happy with my body image, I'm all about being strong and not skinny :). Everyone is beautiful in their own little way. 

I have however accepted an offer to write a guest post for a fitness website. I shall tell you more about that later ;)

I thought that I would also share a little mini Lush haul that I recently did. 

I am sooooooo excited to be able to have these bath bombs as it's this time of year all the Christmas and Halloween stuff comes out. 

In the picture is the Sparkly pumpkin. An amazing smell, the only bad thing is that it is COVERED in glitter. I had so much on my hands and clothes just for getting it out of the bag. It's worth it though. It is all adding up to my Halloween excitement! 

Next is the remastered Floating Island - This is a bath melt that Luke loves. He plays a lot of sport so it is nice to get him something to help his muscles. This version is smaller and has glitter on it. 

Last and my favourite is the Snowfairy scented Magic wand. I look forward to this EVERY year. It smells of sweets and it's so relaxing. Honestly when I buy these it means that HOLIDAYS ARE COMING. 

So over the next couple of days, I will be writing on my most requested topic. I get a lot of requests on my Instagram as to what Makeup I use to achieve my various looks! 

Don't forget about my little 1000 follower competition... simply follow me on a couple of the links below to be in it to win it!

Let me know what you would like to see on the blog and what you are up to!




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Erin said…
Oh, that's so many exciting things! Congrats on all of the opportunities :) I love that you're considering offers properly, rather than just accepting them.

I get why some don't like glitter, but for me having glitter everywhere is a dream, haha! I'm definitely considering picking up that pumpkin bath bomb! And the magic wand looks lovely! You're making me feel a need to visit Lush again ;)

Becky Russell said…
Thank you for the lovely comment.

The best part is that there are loads of new / returning bath bombs that don't feature it. So I think if you did go to Lush that you wouldn't be disappointed ;)

Becky x

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