Hey Girl , "whats your favourite scary movie?" (Halloween 2015!)

Happy Halloween everybody! 

The big day is finally here. It feels that through all the planning I've done for the blog that Halloween has taken a long while to come around. 

I love Halloween as I think that there is a special magic about it. 

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  Orange, yellow and black flowers!                         They even feature a little spider!

So today, Luke and I went to Milton Keynes to go shopping. We ended up stumbling into a cute little vintage fair. We picked up some extra cheeky gifts for both our mothers. Obviously I can't share them on here until after Christmas. 

But I did manage to take a few little pictures! 

I do love having a little browse around. It's nice to support small businesses 

There was also some time to obtain a pizza power up! 

We then came home. I am sadly ill at the moment so I am buried under a blanket on the sofa. While we were in Milton keynes we did pick up a few items. 

Firstly, I had a bit of a splurge on some Face Masks from Superdrug. Well I say I went crazy, the masks are only 99p! 

I picked up two heat masks (which are my favourite) and a Mousse Mask and a Tropical skin peel mask. I feel like this is going to be the perfect ending to the day. That and watching endless re runs of Simpsons Tree house of Horrors. 

Luke also surprised me by buying a game for the Xbox One that is bound to bring out the child in me. Lego Dimensions.... The idea of this is that all the Lego worlds have crashed into one and you have to go round and correct everything. He bought me the starter pack and the Simpsons level add on. I'm rather excited to play it. Although with the recent purchase of Halo 5 , we need to alternate time fairly haha

So that brings me to the end of the day and as I munch into a Candy Apple, I am left here considering my favourite scary movie. 

If you read the blog often or if you know me personally, then you will know that Horror is my favourite genre. I love the suspense and the twists and turns that come with a decent horror. I still remember the first time I saw a slasher movie - it was Scream (hence the quote in the title). 

I would have to say that I think that it could well be demon films as I think that there is that little bit of religious taboo. Also I think that there is the unstopable element to them

 So the Exorcist (original ), Insidious, Paranormal activity (original ending) are all up there. I also have a soft spot for the Saw movies and the more recent film the Visit. 

What is clear though -Halloween is one of the best times of the year for me, bonfire night is round the corner and soon it will be Christmas....

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day. 

Let me know what you are up to and stay safe! 


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