Light, Camera....Action! (A return to Vlogging)

Hello beautiful readers!

Not too long until the weekend. I hope that everyone has had a good day / week. Mine was filled with cake and laughter. Work was great today. 

The only down side is that Luke is playing a basketball game so I won't see him until much later. But in saying that I feel a little selfish as he really enjoys basketball. Its one of his outlets, much as this blog is mine...

My little Hideaway.

I have also been gathering ideas for my Halloween food Blog and vlog. I think food naturally gets people excited as it is something that everyone can enjoy! 

So today has marked a return to something that I love almost as much as this blog. I have FINALLY filmed a new video for the Hideaway Youtube channel. 

I forgot how much fun it was to film and edit a video. 

 I hope that if you have a spare moment that you might consider watching one or two of my vlogs

You can check the new video below 

A lot of effort goes into them as it does on this blog.  My channel is very much in development, I'm in the middle of developing a layout for it and finally designing a logo for Hideaway.... but thats an issue for another day ahah. 

Please don't forget about my 1000 follower competition. For those who are unsure then feel free to check it out on this post here . Each follow on a different website will equal one ticket into the raffle ;) Anyone can win. Just let me know what your usernames are aha 

Drop me a comment below : Let me know how your day went, what you are planning for the weekend. If you have a Youtube channel let me know and I will check it out :) 




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Unknown said…
Love the video!! and congrats on your return to YouTube :) x
Becky Russell said…
Thank you lovely xx
Sifted Spoons said…
What vlogging camera do you use? I was looking at getting the canon G7x and trying to do some Vlogs for my youtube channel :)

Shan xo
Becky Russell said…
I use a Sony Cybershot 20.4 mega pixel camera. It's a cute little camera and not too expensive :) x

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