My Everyday Makeup Routine and Products

Hello all, 

So I have finally sat down to write my Makeup routine post. I am rather excited to be able to share this with you all. 

I should say that this is the makeup that I use day in and day out, so I have given it my little seal of approval. The product pictured are in use therefore they may seem a little worn aha 
But at least you know that I am using them. 

(I am trying to take more 'arty' pictures of my products for the blog. I notice that other blogs really up their game so I thought that I would do the same. )

If you want to know what I am using to prep my skin, then you can see this in my skin care routine post

A few examples of my featured looks are below :


One strong feature of all three of the pictures above is my little trusty friend below: 

This little beauty is Liner Feutre by Bourgeois Paris. This is a felt tip Eyeliner. I had to go through a few others until I found this one, which is fast becoming my staple/ go to product.  I have been known to use pencil liner, but I always find my way back to liquid liner. I just do the top of my eye to create a little statement. 

I also use my trusty Show girl Mascara (extra length) by Barry M. It does a great job on my lashes ( which are quite long and heavy already. ) and it does the most important thing - it lasts. 

Also in the picture is my bronzer. Yes, I am still clinging on to the last possible bit of bronzer before the sun disappears at the last possible moment.  I apply a tiny bit after my blusher on my cheek bones and a tiny bit on my forehead. Eventually I will let go as I don't use it in Winter. This one is 'Bronze Glow Ultimate' by Collection. 

It does the job well.  

Next is the eyeliner. I use two palettes at the moments for all of the looks above.  The top one (the black one) is the Smoking Hot Pallette and the Nude coloured one is the Natural Glow Palette 2. They are both by Barry M. 

I use the top one for going out looks - such as the second picture above. I use the black eyeshadow to go under my eye to create a smokey effect. It also has a blush in the palette, which is a little too bright  for me personally. 

I use the second palette for my day to day look aka my work look. You can tell which is my favourite ( the fourth from the left) it is a mix of white with orange pigment. I use this on the inside of my eyelid and then I use the shadow furthest away from the left on the other side to create a tiny smokey eye. 

I find the white brings out the old eye colour and the darker colour mixes nicely with my eyeliner and mascara.

You can see the examples above

My foundation is a product that I cannot rep enough and I have done so many times on the blog and the youtube channel already. I use the dream Matte mousse foundation by Maybeline. I use the Porcelain shade. 

I love that it is half way between powder and liquid foundation. 

The powder that I use is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. This is one that I am still testing out. Its ok and it seems to do the job well. But as I said the jury is still out 

Finally is my blush.  My favourite at the moment is this little Blusher from Maybeline. Its rosewood, which is about the right shade for me. As I said I like to mix it with the bronzer :) 

So thats its for the products. 

The plan for the next week in term of the blog is to : 

Write an empties post
Maybe write a step to step guide on how to achieve my look using the products above ( if you all want that) 
Reveal my collaboration post with you all 

So Hopefully you liked the above 

Let me know if you like any of these products and don't forget about the competition that is running on Hideaway (more info is here



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Abi Pettican said…
How do you apply the dream matte mousse? I'm a bit weary of it in case it clogs my pores!
Becky Russell said…
I use a light foundation brush and apply a little at a time. I find that it's kinder to pores than liquid foundation :) x

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