Suffragette Film Review and one of my most frequently asked Questions....

Helloooooooo all, 

So it has certainly been a while since I wrote my last film review so I thought that after my Friday night trip to the cinema that this should change....

Now a little disclaimer about me (if you did not already know is that I am a History BA Graduate) so I naturally am quite apprehensive about seeing Historical films. I used to look for the inaccuracies rather than enjoy the story. 

I have learnt in the past few years to chill out though. Nothing is going to be 100% correct to the past as unless we lived it.... we cannot be 100% sure 

So along with my friend Sian (also a History Grad) we sat and awaited the start of the film. It is one that I had been excited to see for a while, it has a strong female cast and has an Oscar buzz about it. 

Without going into the plot too much, the film follows a group of Working class British women as they find themselves caught up in the votes for women campaign in 1912-1914 ish. 

The film shows them taking part in dangerous, yet peaceful campaigns over London and their stints in and out of jail. Now with the prior knowledge of the time period , I knew the probable twists in the movie, I knew where the film was likely to end and I knew that the somewhat 'heavy handed' treatment of the women was likely to be shown.  This didn't make it any less shocking when the time came for it to be on the screen. 

I would recommend the film 100% to anyone that are curious about the time period. It is pretty accurate and the acting is incredible. There are points in which you will laugh, cry and get angry.

I find this movie interesting also for another reason - the portrayal of the men. Some of them were in a very difficult position, their women wanted to secure the vote but their husbands were expected to 'control them'.

This topic leads to me to one of my most frequently asked questions. Aside from all the beauty and depression stuff, I get asked about my Uni degree quite a lot. I get asked as to why I picked History....

( I interrupt this post with my cheesy graduation photo....)

The answer to me is quite simple.... I grew up with it. Both my Father and Mother are massive fans of the past and when I was little I lived next to a field with castle ruins in it, which I used to think was the coolest things EVER. 

I later found in school that it was the subject that I connected to the most. I loved hearing the stories of the past, of kings and queens etc. 

I have now found myself as focusing my dissertations on world war two and the fall out from this massive world event. 

When people ask me why, I simply reply with a simple statement - How can you understand the future of anything - Science, politics  fashion and beauty etc if you don't understand it's past? 

So that its for tonight - bit of a long post. 

I am in the process of writing an FAQ on my about me page so if there are any questions that you want me to include then please let me know : )

Also if you have seen the film then let me know what you think! 



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