You can fly if you just believe.... A Friday night review

Hello all, 

It's finally the weekend and I don't know about you but I couldn't be happier. After a stressful weekend, its nice to just kick back and relax. We are even going shopping and to a street fayre later....

The day started off just nicely as for me it was payday... we've been saving like mad as we want to move out of our flat in the new year. 

It's getting to that time of year in which its starting to get colder so for work today I teamed my New Look Summer Dress with my Chunky Knit Cardigan (also from new look). 

You can see more selfies/ pictures of my outfits on the instagram page that I've linked below

I love this Cardigan as it has little bit of different colours (pink, blue, green and yellow) sewed in to the sleeves. You can kind of see it in the picture. Its so warm and one that you can snuggle in. I bought it a few years ago so I'm not sure if they are still selling it. I get a lot of compliments on it. As for the dress, blue is definitely my go to colour. I know that this dress is still on sale. It's a knee length dress and I teamed it with me black tights. The pattern is also used on a lot of different types of clothing :)

(I feel like I should be on commission for new look the amount of clothes that I recommend haha)

After work, we went on a little dinner and cinema date with my friend Sian. Food come courtesy of TGIS. I thought that I would insert the obligatory pictures for your viewing pleasure. It was a good meal...the only thing that let it down was the service time. Normally I wouldn't mind but we almost missed the start of the film that we had booked.   The staff there are really nice and I actually know a few of them so there was no ill feelings. Somethings just can't be helped. 


So the film that we decided to go and see is the new peter pan reboot 'Pan'. As you can tell from the title of the Blog post my most memorable encounter with this story has been the Disney tale. 

No other versions seemed to come close to Disney. Until now. 

I have no problem admitting that Peter Pan used to scare me when I was younger. I think that it was just down to the fact that he never got old and broke into your bedroom at night. He also was drawn to look quite creepy I think. 

But this movie has changed that. I really enjoyed it. I did however have to keep reminding myself that it was in fact a kids film.... what I mean by that is that it moved extremely quickly through the plot. In areas it felt a little rushed and that the story should have been developed more. I thought that the actor that played Hook was a little over the top as was Peter... But as I said this is a film that has to keep children entertained.

I thought Tiger Lilley and Blackbeard were fun to watch however. 

Its a good one for the kids, my only advise is not to go in there with the Disney story in your head. This is a rewrite of Pan and Hooks friendship. Also don't do in expecting disney tunes as instead you'll get the Ramones and Nirvana.

Thats it for now....let me know what you thought of the film and what you got up to last night. 




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