A childhood passion.... Including Kitten bloopers

Good evening all 

I wasn't expecting to blog tonight, but I find myself somewhat inspired.... 

I went over to my bookshelf, I have fancied getting myself stuck into a good book but due to Uni I had kind of put myself off of reading. 

Therefore I decided that it was time to get stuck into an old childhood classic!

I only have three to seven as I donated the first two.... I really need to replace them 

Therefore tonight I shall start with the below 

What I truly love is that I have had these books for about 15 years. Books never change, they hold incredible memories.  I remember taking the books on holiday.... I remember pretending to be asleep but reading them from the hall light after bedtime 

I remember being rather upset at 10/11 when my letter from Hogwarts didn't arrive and I had to go to a regular secondary school.  I was gutted that I also didn't have a pet owl ..... still am 

Speaking of memories... I found the following : 

So thats it for now. Just a mini post because I've been at Uni tonight. 

I hope everyones evenings have been awesome. 

Below are some pictures of what happens EVERYTIME I try and take pictures for the blog. As I caught them in the act I thought I would leave the evidence here for you to enjoy 

Let me know what you are reading at the moment! 



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