A Christmas Makeover and A few Collab announcements

Hello all,

Welcome back to the Hideaway( that sounded way better in my head) haha.

So as you may or may not have noticed.... The blog has undergone a little Christmas makeover! I was rather excited to do this as its the first place that I've transformed for the holiday season! 

I have also matched this to the Facebook and twitter page. The youtube channel will follow shortly.

I'm rather excited to start decorating the flat but I've been told by my partner to wait a little, making me a tad sad.... however I have managed to sneak a few little touches into the flat already ;)

My little Ruldolph planter, complete with felt nose and scarf - five pound from Morrisons 

A mini glittery connfier. Three pound from Morrisons 

I also cannot wait to use these little Snowflake Cookie wax melts on to my Yankee Candle burner as for me that it one of the main scents of Christmas. At the moment I have Spiced apple and spice melting away.... my other favourite festive scent.

Home made from an old Snowflake Cookie Yankee candle 

I think when all the decorating is done, I shall put the results on here and I will do an updated room tour as the last one I did was at the start of the year. 

I thought also that I would post my blogging and vlogging schedule going forward as Christmas is going to be a busy time for Hideaway. 

I am lucky to have been offered some amazing opportunities over the festive period. Unfortunately this is also my busiest period as I am coming to the end of University course so everything is due in January!!!

So planning is good at this point haha 

The plan is....

Tomorrow - I am going to a preview of a reopening of a pub so I will be posting a review on here & I am working a collab post - hopefully going live tomorrow. This one is about healthy snacking during the Christmas period. More to follow 

Tuesday - Hopefully a new Vlog now the flat is back to normal 

Saturday/ Sunday - Creation of my Christmas cake - This is the start of my other Collab - I am working again with Beth and I will be making three fun Christmas deserts :) - this is due to go live in the first couple of weeks in Dec 

The week after - I will be starting with five other bloggers, we are participating in a beauty brawl, basically a beauty top trumps. This will be daily until 23rd Dec. 

I am also doing a collab with Friar's farm... but more on this to follow. 

I will also be filming and writing regular posts so keep an eye on this space!!!

Let me know what you are up to blogging wise 



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Unknown said…
Sounds like you will be very busy!

Becky Russell said…
Yeah, hopefully it will all be worth it :)


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