Children in Need 2015 / Paris terror attacks

Hi guys, 

So I've not been on here in a couple of days as my flat has had some work done to it. 

Everything was everywhere so it made it difficult to find a quiet corner to write away from the fumes. There was an extensive flood from the flat above. 

But I'm back its time to catch up with what I had intended to write. 

Friday saw me getting involved in the Children in Need donation night. Where I work, I get the opportunity to be on the phone line taking donations. I think that it is a nice way to get involved in the night. 

I got to speak to some amazing people and hear some amazing stories. 

I told my other half Luke and friend Sian along with me so they could enjoy the night with me. I stayed there to the very late hours of the night and boy was I tired the next morning so it was worth it. 

I have enclosed a few pictures from the night below. I was part of the yellow team so dressed accordingly! 

However the evening took a serious turn. When I was on the phone line about nine o clock is a notification popped up on my phone.... Paris had been bombed. 

As the night progressed more details came through. At the time it didn't seem real. Don't get me wrong I am more than aware that there are events like this going on everyday around the world.... but this one shocked me... It was such a juxtaposition from the night that I had just been involved in....from a warm loving night to a cold harsh one.

 I cannot even begin to imagine how the French people must be feeling. I remember the dread I felt after the London bombings... I thought my mother was on one of the tubes and it was the worst feeling in the world. Lucky for her she has just missed the bomb.

The good news is that The city of lights has lit back up tonight.... after two days of the rest of the world helping on its behalf. I saw the lights displayed on monuments around the world and it made me feel emotional ....and I'm not even French.

I wasn't originally going to say anything on my blog, I wasn't sure how to put it and this topic is very controversial at the moment...but the third country that I generate the most hits from is France. 

So I shall say this. France, you are strong as are your people, you will recover but not before remembering them that have passed.....

We will support however we can....we all observed the minute silence today. A small gesture but it shows a great level of respect. This is not to take away anything from the other countries that are currently suffering at the hands of the same group and terror attacks.... Paris just bought it all back...

Je suis Paris 

Love to all reading this, stay safe in this difficult and dark time 



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elixir savage said…
salut Becky
merci pour ton soutient ça me touche tout ce soutien de la part de tout le monde . je suis française et nous sommes voisines en quelque sorte non ;)
je ne vis pas à Paris, mais ce soir-là j'ai vu à la TV en direct ce terrible événement le sentiment d’être impuissant surtout pendant la prise d'otages du bataclan, c'est horrible pour toutes ces personnes.
Mais la France se relève douloureusement et nous ne nous priverons pas de notre liberté pour notre sécurité.
Nous apprenons doucement à vivre avec cette peur du terrorisme même si cela nous perturbe énormément. Le lendemain même avec des copines nous sommes allé manger au restaurant et allez boire un verre, pour rendre hommage et célèbre la vie !
Hello thank you for tone supports that touches me all this support on behalf of everybody. I am French and we are nearby in a way not;) I did not live in Paris, but this evening I saw in the live TV this terrible event the feeling to be powerless especially during the taking of hostages of the junk, it is horrible for all these people, but we are hardly and we shall not go without our freedom for our safety(security), we learn slowly to live with this fear of the terrorism even if it perturbs us enormously. The next day with friends we went to eat to the restaurant and go have a drink, to pay tribute and celebrates the life!

petite traduction sorry fo my english
Have a nice day
Sarah xx
Becky Russell said…
Hi Sarah

Thank for your comment back.

I cannot imagine how it must have felt. I am glad that you found some support from this blog post. I like to help where I can!

Keep strong and stay safe


(the below is translated by Google)

Salut Sarah,

Merci pour le commentaire en arrière, je ne peux pas commencer à imaginer comment il doit se sentir. Je suis heureux que vous avez trouvé un peu de soutien de ce post ... je tiens à aider où je peux.

Gardez forte et conserver précieusement!

Becky x

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