SPONSORED Generous George Review

Hello all, 

So today I had the pleasure of being invited to preview the Generous George pub in Northampton ahead of it's grand opening tomorrow. 

This pub is one that already had a special space in my heart as it is opposite Park Campus of the University of Northampton. As you may of may not know I am currently in my fifth year at the UON. 

The pub used to the the Sunnyside and it is somewhere that I had spent many a drunken night in when I was an Undergraduate.

Therefore, I was rather excited to check out all the changes that had been done ahead of the opening. 

As soon as you enter the building you can tell that the pub has gone from a student pub to a family friendly one. Its design now featuring wood and colourful booths, while still retaining some of the cheeky elements of the previous design aka the infamous pool table. 

I went for a wander around to see the other changes. The back of the pub is now a lot more spacious and there is a larger kids area. It doesn't feel as cramped as it used to. The outside has been completely renovated and a new outside space has been created in the trees 


There is also a brand new Pizza station where you can see your pizza being made! 

So on to the food! 

Luke and I both ordered a cheeky Sunday 
Roast, it would have been rude not to. We both decided on Beef but there was also a 
choice of pork and turkey. 

The main was delicious there was three slices of beef and a huge yorkshire. According to the menu, it is endless vegetables... but we didn't need them, I was full after this. There was also homemade horseradish and gravy.

Look at the size of the yorkshire!

On to deserts: 

Luke had an Apple Crumble with Custard

And I had a sticky toffee Doughnut Cake


Both didn't last very long as we destroyed them in about three seconds flat. They were only an extra 1.99 when added to the Roast.

All in all, it was a good visit. Luke and I both said that we wanted to go back once it had opened for pizza. The staff were lovely, you wouldn't have know it was a training shift/ opportunity. 

I would highly recommended it to anyone - especially to fellow Uni students. There are cheap prices and if my meal was anything to go by the portions are generous ( the roast is priced at 7.99)  and the soft drinks are refillable. 

The pub opens its doors tomorrow so make sure if you are in Northampton that you check it out! 



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