UPDATED : November Favourites!

Hi guys, 

UPDATED : here is the Vlog 

So as you may know, if you follow me on twitter, I have been a first aid course these past two days.

My little boo boo fixers. You'll be happy to know I also have a Full equipped first aid kit ahaha

I am happy to reveal that I have officially passed and re qualified   Yay. 

It was a lot more challenging this time around

- apparently the qualification is a level harder so there was much more to be tested, I think that its definitely a good life skill to have. 

It is a scary thought that you are the first line of defence against accidents and injuries. 

This was one of my 'sensible' first aider outfits - my trusty Ralph Lauren jumper 

This I thought would be a good way to lead into my November Favourite post! 

Just before I proceed, I think that I should point out that the way that I am going about these types of posts are going forward. As well and writing them on here I will also film an accompanying video for the Youtube channel. This is because people are telling me that they feel that they are left out if something is on one and not the other. This is something that I would 100% like to avoid so I will put it on both :)

Right so on with the show! 

As you know I like to divide this into little sections, Beauty, Fashion and life style 

Beauty :

Favourite Skin product: 

Its a fairly simple one. At the moment my skin, like everyone else's is battling the wind and the elements as we go through autumn. I am find that products that not only protect the skin but also soothe it are a god send at the moment. 

I recently picked up a facial toner from Superdrug. It is the Simple facial toner. You can use it once or twice a day as suits. You apply it with a cotton pad and just wipe it all over and let soak it. It doesn't have an overpowering smell as a lot of these products do. 

IT was on deal so it only cost a pound so it is good value for money!

Favourite Lip product:

I have bigger this product up recently but in the same theme as the product above, it is anoretic product that soothes and protects. It also adds a nice dash of colour to the lips. It is the baby lips by Maybeline Lip Balm. 

This again only cost a few pounds 

Favourite scent: 

My current favourite is a product that was bought for me as a Birthday Present in July. It is a Ted Baker perfume. It is quite a flowery scent and its compliments the skin quite nicely. It's not overpowering and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. 

That and the bottle looks really good on display. I have always intended to review the product so I kept everything that that it came with so you can enjoy :) 

It comes with a body wash and body scrub. 

Nail varnish colour of the month: 

I love this Gelly Finish varnish by Barry M. I know that it was a read favourite when I first posted it on here!


Favourite Accessory : 

My lovely shiny scarf. It is from new look and I love the way that it can jazz up an outfit 


Favourite game: 

Lego Dimensions

 I love this little game, it allows me to go back to my childhood, which is never a bad thing.  The game is a beaut, you can play with multiple lego worlds and you can rebuild the lego as the game goes through. I also bought the Simpsons expansion pack with Homer as I am a total fan girl. Its a good one for those of you that want to game but don't want to be too heavily involved in it. 

I understand that there is a lot of extra material coming out for it! 

Another cheeky side note ( As a gamer I am planning to post more game reviews. Its another thing that you all ask me on here and youtube. If you want me to add it to the blog then I will happily do it)

Current favourite Music

Obviously, I am in love with Adele and Sam Smith's latest hits. They are ones that have stuck in my head and I find myself singing them at inappropiate moments I.e work. 

I am however looking forward to One Directions latest album. A lot of people that follow me  on twitter are One D fans, so I get exposed to their music naturally.

 I think that the coming album is going to be a lot more mature and that can only be a good thing. I'm in Love with Drag me Down and Perfect. 

Favourite show: 

The past month, I have found myself falling back in love with South Park. Now this is a show that I have grown up with. I love how they aren't afraid to go after anyone. I also love how it is made in five days so it keeps itself current and up to date!

Favourite Movie :

I think that my favourite movie that I have recently seen is Aladdin. I re watched it and I felt like a little kid again (I was only two when it came out). I fell back in love with Robin Williams and his comic timing. 

So thats my review over with. 

My next one will be the last one of the year. Crazy times. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think! 

The Video of this will be recorded and uploaded tomorrow! 



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