October Review

Hi all, 

I hope that you haven't all been hit by a candy coma. We are entering into the last couple of months of 2015 and the start of Holiday season. 

Within days we will have bonfire night, (thanksgiving if you are American), Christmas and New Year. 

I love how cosy the weather has become but I have to admit that I am not loving the bug that I currently seem to have. 

My blanket that I bought this month from Dunnes is literally the warmest thing ever. It is a chunky knit blanket in purple! Well worth a look. So I am currently sheltered under it trying to recover. I am also self medicating with Pure Orange Juice. 

November will bring the start of the second wave of Christmas prep - I will be making my Christmas cake a month early (as apparently is tradition). Again this will be another Collaboration with Beth, whom I did the Halloween Collab with) - I will link this article below if you missed it.  The first wave  was obviously the planning for the Christmas presents. Again I will link this below if you want to re-read it. 

November also brings the start of my University assessments, oh eckkkkkkkk

October Highlights 

§ 900 subscribers 
§ relaunch of the Youtube channel 
§Hideaway's autumn makeover 
§ First ever Collab post written (see below)
§ Guest Blog written for Zestlifestyle 

So all in all its been a rather successful month on paper. 

My favourite beauty product : 

Peach Punch is the shade

This has been my little life saver this month. My lips have been really suffering from the change in temperature and the wind. This is an awesome little way to maintain the condition and adds a little colour to the lips 

My favourite posts from the months are linked below:

A couple of videos from the channel :

Autumn / Holiday Decorations 

How to make Kitten Oreo Pops

So thank you for reading. I am loving all the comments I have been receiving over the social media pages for the blog. I will always attempt to reply : )

One last thing : Don't forget about the competition that I am running for 1000 followers (Currently sitting at 915) 

All the details are below :

I am going to put together a little Beauty Box of all my favourite featured products.

As you may know I am a massive fan of Beauty masks, nail varnish, skin care products and so forth ( you can look back through previous posts to get a feel). 

All you have to do is be subscribed to the blog and its matching social media pages. The more sites that you follow me on the more tickets you have to enter the raffle  ;)

I will announce when the competition will close or when I hit 1000! 

As always... thank you for reading 


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