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Hi all, 

So I thought that I would write a different kind of post tonight. 

I'm going for the Lifestyle vibe tonight as my Latest Vlog uploads to Youtube. 

Basically here in England we are celebrating something call 'Bonfire night'. If you don't know what that it is then basically we are celebrating a failed attempt to blow up our houses of Parliament. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but lets face it.... us Brits are a little.... odd. 

Although, I have not attended a display tonight, I am hoping to go at the weekend. Luke is working, so it is something that I want to do as a couple. I love the colours and the magic of the patterns in the sky. 

Although the night is exciting for us humans, animals can be left terrified. 

If you don't read this blog regularly then you won't know that I have two one year old cats, Boots and Diego 

Hear Mini Diego roarrrrr

The Loud banging noises and the bright lights can confuse and scare animals. Boots in particular saw a firework and sprinted and hid under some clothes for a good 20 mins. 

I think that it is important to put them first on this day in particular. 

In order to make them comfy I have set up little safe zones around the flat. I have also put the Simpsons Movie in the Bedroom and random tv on in the living room. 

They seem to have both settled. Its the least I can do to make sure that they are happy and  chilled. My little boys bring me so much joy and companionship, that I honestly can not imagine my life without them 

Boot's safe zone - two pillows under the window 

Diego following suit

Make sure that you look after your furry friend over the next couple of days! If they make a little mess or's not their fault 

Leave me a comment below and tell me about your little friends :) 



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