Review : Natural Glow Palette Barry M

Hello everybody. 

It's been a busy day today.... 

I realised while I was at work that it's been a rather long time since I did a proper beauty post. So I thought that I would review one of my favourite products of the minute to change it. 

Also on the beauty front from the 5th - 23rd of December , I will be posting a beauty review daily as part of a collaboration with other bloggers ;) 

More to follow on that later. 

On to Barry M! 

Those of you that have read the blog for a long time will know that Barry M is my favourite beauty brand hands down. 

I was over joyed when they started doing eyeshadow palettes. I am the proud owner of a couple of them, but I thought I would feature the one that I use daily for work. I know that people struggle to find that perfect shade - somewhere between professional and fun....

This is the Natural Glow palette 2 and I have attempted to do some swatches for you... However the first shade on the left is extremely pale so it is difficult to see....

As you can probably tell from the picture my most used shade is the fourth from the right. It a white glitter shade with orange pigments mixed in. I find that it really sets my eyes off, but the shade isn't too overbearing. Its a good one to blend. 

I use it on the inside corners of my eyes and on the outside I use the shade that is the furthest on the right. 

You can see my general make up look for work below: 

I tend to finish my look with lengthening mascara and liquid eyeliner. Its a manageable routine in the morning that doesn't take a hell of a load of time as I like to maximise my time in bed! 

I would would recommend this palette if you can pick it up.  I believe it retails at around five pounds. 

I've not really got round to the other shades in the group.... but I am sure that I will at some point. 

Let me know if you have used this product and what you think! 



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