Review : Vlog Star's Starter Kit volume 1 | Hurricane Barney!

Good evening to you all. 

I hope you are all well and keeping nice and warm (if you are in the UK I mean) if you are somewhere warm right now, I really envy you. 

I'm hidden under a duvet, a blanket and I have a dressing gown on BUT I'm still cold. Boooooo

At the moment I can hear the wind battering against the window as Hurricane Barney is upon us. Apparently the winds are gusting at 70mph. Yikes. I do secretly love it when the weather is like this. I feel like I am safe and warm in my bed 

My mind does wander to the car. But I'm sure its final

I do think that the name that they have chosen is unfortunate however as it generates two images in my mind 

Firstly that this guy is outside my window: 

Barney from HIMYM

or that there are little purple dinosaurs throwing themselves against the window trying to get in 

so many childhood memories 

So moving on the rest of the post....

As you may or may not have read, I was told by the lovely people at Vlog Star that I had won an award for one of my youtube videos (you can read the details on this post here )

Well my prize turned up on Sunday :) so I was rather excited to open it up: 

Inside it contained the below: 

This is the Vlog start volume one kit:

Inside the kit is 

A tripod for your smartphone (although it does fit my camera and a nice little book with tips on how to become a vlogger!) 

The tripod is rather small, but it makes up for it with its clever design. It has a little clip to fit it to the size of you phone (It fits an iPhone six and a Samsung Galaxy edge plus), I had also managed to fit my camera in it.  The legs are extendable and adjustable. 

The only down side is the weight distribution... its quite light weight so you need to be smart about positioning it. 

The book has some useful tips on how to get into filming videos and it encourages you to take the leap into making a channel. I found it to be a little basic... but I think that its due to the fact that I've had my channel a while. 

All in all, it was a nice little prize. Its a good present for someone that is looking to get into vlogging. The book feels like it is aimed at the 11- 15 market.  You can purchase the kit on this link

Thats it for tonight. Let me know if you are currently listening to the storm or if you have this kit. 

Or just let me know what little gadgets you are loving at the moment 

Keep warm everybody! 



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