That Fitness motivation struggle / updates

Hello you lovely people, 

I hope everyone is well.... 

I honestly don't think that I have ever been so tired as I was today. My partner sadly had a little accident whilst playing basketball, so I spent a lot of the early hours of this morning in the hospital with him. He is fine and it was just a precaution as there was alot of swelling on his foot bless him. 

So I ended up only having about two hours sleep. I am one of those people, I don't mind telling you, that really struggles when the energy levels are lowwwwww. 

So hopefully I can get caught up with sleep this evening, I have been having some incredible naps throughout the day. I always find it difficult to nap for the simple reason that I wake up really confused and question whether I have actually managed to drop off or not, haha. 

Any way life update aside..... I also have a blog one. I am going to be reviewing the prize that Vlog Star have send me as I believe that it is a product that you can purchase from them. I might record it also for the Youtube channel, the only down side is that I need to go and pick it up from my local depot as I wasn't in when the postie tried to deliver, which is always annoying. Therefore I won;t be doing this until the weekend! 

Anyway on to the main bulk of the post. 

I actually meant to post this last night, but I never got a chance to finish it. 

I love autumn, I love the changing weather and how everything becomes cozier, I love the food and the warm drinks etc. 

However there is a major downside to Autumn... I find myself resisting the urge to keep up with my summer fitness regime. As you know I am training for a 10 K in March so I can't really afford to slip. 

I find it hard to go running / walking when its dark outside and cold. Also with my car's battery being dodgy I need to make sure that I take it on long drives to keep its charge. 

I find it incredibly hard to resist all that the season has to offer, like Halloween and Pre christmas food etc. 

As all of you out there I am only human!

Therefore I have decided to take charge once again, I have decided to go for a long walk at least once a week, to try and fit in a couple of runs and to restart the squats and Abs challenge that I have previously blogged about. 

I am going to try and make sensible choices when it comes to food. I don't want to deny myself anything.  One example is that I am going to be having fruit for breakfast (as I don't normally eat breakfast) 

I have included the challenges below. Feel free to join in with me, maybe we can motivate each other, 

I going to go and have a long sleeppppp




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Doctor Anne said…
I always struggle when it gets dark and gloomy so early, too.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking
Becky Russell said…
I find that I ama a little more forgiving with myself then I am in summer :')

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