UPDATED That six month milestone

Hello everybody, 

So yesterday was the Sixth Month Anniversary for Hideaway, I missed it because I was at university. 

I have recorded a Vlog for later - The what's in my Handbag tag (I'll put it here when its been uploaded ;))

EDIT : here is the VLOG

I never for a million years thought that I would ever start a blog, I considered myself a rather closed book. But I am so glad that I did. If anyone is reading this and is wondering whether they should put pen to paper, I would say 100% to go for it, even if you aren't clear on what you want to write about.

 I  have found naturally that I have drifted towards fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

How do you know you if you don't try to at least attempt to blog.... I think that the more you are open to new challenges and life then the more fun you will have. 

Yes, having a blog isn't always easy, you open yourself up to critics and its hard work sometimes. Especially when you run out of ideas. 

But when you get your first couple of comments and you start to build realtionships with other bloggers, it starts to feel worth it. 

I have also extended this mantra to Youtube. I am still finding my feet there because I took a three month break (I've only been on there five months haha). 

There are many lessons that I've learnt and one day I will but them all on a post one day for both youtube and general blogging.... but for now I am going to celebrate that I have reached this milestone. 

I know that many that started with me have given up which I think is a shame but life has a funny way of getting in the way. 

So to you reading this, thank you. 

Thank you for letting a nervous 23/24 year old into your life. Thank you for letting me attempt to entertain you with my take on the world 

Until next time 




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