Absence of posts over the week

Hi all, 

I must have written this blog post at least three times, then a fourth edited it and then deleted it again. 

I don't normally take week long absences from the blog unless there is a good reason.

 In writing this blog, I have opened myself up to you all and shared some of my inner most and personal thoughts and experiences. 

There is one left to share. 

December is a magical time for all. The excitement of christmas and the appreciation of family time and the end of a year and the start of a new one. 

This is true for 3 out of four weeks of December for me.  However the week that the 13th falls into brings everything to a halt for me. 

To sum up a long story, I lost someone extremely close to me when I was 11.  Grief is a horrible thing... I couldn't process my emotions till a couple of years later. 

Part of me still can't deal with it.  I struggled to get out of yesterday morning and this morning. 

Basically, I have a week of sadness so I can have 51 weeks of happiness.  I also get affected by seasonal depression - the reduction in sunlight makes me feel sad - It's linked to my daily depression battle. 

I like to be honest with everyone so you all know whats going on. I'd rather take a break then post rubbish material that my heart isn't in to as I think it shows when people do that. 

I'm going to post my review of the Phipps Christmas Fayre later. 

Thank you for your understanding. I'm hoping to resume regular blog traffic and kick christmas off properly on Hideaway! 


Becky x 

    Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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